Redecorating Your Office

Posted by Ava Weston on July 19, 2017
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An office has an environment of its own. It needs to be comfortable for the workforce but still fashionable and professional for the customers and maybe even a little intimidating for the suppliers. Depending on your company ethos and work practices, the ambiance of the office space would also differ. Here are a few tips to remember when redecorating your office next time.  

The Color Palette The exact color palette is mainly based on your company value system. If you are running a home furniture store where you want to portray a homely, cozy atmosphere; that is exactly what your office space needs to feel like. In the case of a more futuristic approach where you need to create a sense of secrecy or awe is where you would settle for a white, grey palette, which would make most people uneasy and feel self-conscious. However, in both extreme examples I have stated here, it is important to hit a middle point.

A country den environment would be ineffective when you are trying to push for deadlines and you definitely do not want to have the office of the supervillain from a sci-fie movie by being too minimalist and futuristic with the furniture. Mixing a few bright shades with a white, grey or dull blue with an interesting print such as a city skyline digital printing on canvas – you can do this by using online printing services, will make the space a lot more interesting and exciting in the long term while still being professional.  

Use Partitioning Effectively Most companies have an open floor culture. While this has proved effective when having to work together in large numbers and in monitoring the same number effectively, certain boundaries need to be set and a certain level of privacy is needed by people within their work environment. Having half-height partition walls with possibly interesting picture poster printing online on it, will allow for partitioning without making the space dull and boring.  

Interactive Common Spaces Same as private spaces are needed, so are the public common spaces. These need to be interesting, cozy and interactive spaces which allow employees to relax and unwind in. Having comfortable chairs, tables and bright posters will make the place feel ‘happy’ and help control employee stress levels. Linking an outdoor space with a few green plants or a nice view would only help to enhance this feeling and make employees feel valued and appreciated.  

Redecorating an office is very different from doing the same to a home. There is always going to be someone who does not like the color, the texture or the feel of the room. However, you cannot satisfy everyone right? Try to take in the opinions of others when embarking on it, however, do not get side-tracked and lose track of where and what you need the office to look and feel like.  

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