How To Feel Independent While Still Living With Your Parents?

Posted by Ava Weston on February 09, 2018
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Unlike before, you will be handling all your expenses. Your food, your entertainment, your travel expenses; you need to pay attention to all of this. Teach yourself you budget yourself; and to spend with care. Things like utility bills and house rents should get priority; so find a method that works best for you separate that money before you accidently spend it…Whether you never left home, or had to move back in with your parents after a period of living by yourself, we understand that it can feel a little stifling living with your parents sometimes. However, it is not something you need to get yourself worried about; neither is it an impossible thing to doso hold on a moment before you try to find a place for yourself. Here are a few ways to feel independent…while still living with your parents.

Make yourself financially independent

Financial independence is vital for anyone. It not only liberates you, but it also helps you feel confident. It also helps you feel like you can stand on your own if the need arises; something vital if you are living in a troubled relationship. Being able to buy your own things, even if it’s things like snacks or personal hygiene products, can be very important sometimes. So find yourself a job, something you will enjoy and something that will help you grow, if you really want to feel independent while still living with your parents.

Don’t depend on your parents for your travel

Have you fallen into a habit of being dropped and picked by your parents; where ever you go? This might have been fine when you were growing up, even necessary, but as someone who is trying to feel independent (that too from the parents), this is a complete no. Get yourself a vehicle and find yourself a competent perfect driving instructor for lessons. Know the bus routes and the short cuts. Trust us, this is an almost tangible form of independence from your parents… 

Teach yourself to fend for yourself

We understand that it some homes, the chores are divided up. In this case, the cooking might have been assigned to one of your parents. While this is quite convenient, and while it is perfectly normal to like your father’s or mother’s cooking, this too is a form of dependency. Like the cheap driving lessons Blacktown teach yourself to cook. You can easily learn to do so by watching a few cooking instructions found online. Fortunately for you, there are many people who love sharing cooking tips online; even the right methods of holding or using a knife…

Make your boundaries known

Sometimes, you might have to be very clear about this with your parents. To them, you are still their child; someone they have to protect and look out forno matter how grown up you might be. Let them know your boundaries; establish your space. Be the adult. Have your own keys to the house so your work hours (or party hours!) won’t be an inconvenience to anyone. Let them know that you will fend for yourself; and make sure to not give them anything to worry aboutas this is the only reason most parents interfere after being asked for space…

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