The Human Cost Of Vermin In The House

Posted by Ava Weston on April 13, 2018
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Very few houses in the world can say they are free of vermin. If they are, then either the occupants are very dedicated or the climate is too cold for any insects or rodents to survive. Most people frantically try to de-bug their houses once they find evidence that they have infestations but there are also some people who take the view that these animals also need to live somewhere, and as long as they are not harming anything too much, what wrong with letting them stay?Turns out, quite a lot.

Rodent Damage

If there is no proper rat control Camden you could well be facing all kinds of health issues soon. These are some of the most toxic animals in the animal kingdom. Their excrement can lead to liver and kidney failure, which is also contracted by ingesting or inhaling anything that has their urine on it. Their fur can carry all kinds of bacteria that can release into the air while their bites and scratches can cause deep infections and fevers. The most well-known effect of these creatures is the plague, the epidemic that levelled over half the population in Europe in the mid-14th century. At the time the spread was blamed on noxious air but in truth, it may have spread through fleas that lived in the fur of rodents that infested the streets and gutters of most European cities.

Insect Damage

One of the major drawbacks of not having proper cockroach control is that they can cause a lot of health problems, especially in children. There are bacteria in their wings and other parts of the bodies that can trigger allergies and even asthma. They leave behind saliva and shed parts of their bodies everywhere, and these can even lead to typhoid fever. If any of your food was left out overnight without protective covering and you know that these insects have been in your home, then throw the food away. Reheating it will not work.The same is true of mites and termites. These tiny creatures will burrow into your carpets, bedding, curtains or any other areas that is warm and toasty. They will then lay eggs. The hatchlings are as numerous and twice as difficult to find. They do not have a direct impact on humans but the dust generated by their nests can lead to asthma and other allergic attacks.

So at the first sign of rodent scat or dismembered insect antennae, make sure that you call in a professional who can determine whether you have an infestation, how far gone it is and if there is anything he/she can do to help. In most cases, they will bring specialized equipment that will help them deal with the problem. In other cases, there may be ways that you can re-invest your original payment to the house and figure something out.

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